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In FireForge you play a blacksmith, working and molding metal to your will, using tools and FIRE, each hammer-hit precisely positioned. The art of blacksmithing has nothing to do with strength and everything to do with control. What will bend first: you or the metal?

There are several weapon archetypes you can choose from. You will have to mold them in to all the finished items, each have a different and unique molding process. There are also different metals to work with, each reacting differently to your hammer. Learn all the different metals and items to MASTER THE ART OF THE FORGE!

To start:
  • choose a metal (start from the bronze)
  • heat the metal over the forge
  • choose a weapon type (start from the sword)
  • get molding!

Use Q and E to mold your raw material, don't forget to lay down your hammer from time to time to consider how to proceed.
It is said that the skilled artisan can actually SEE on the metal itself how it wishes to be molded, and remember:

In metal as in men, there are no mistakes, only second chances.

Play Instructions

To play just download the zip, extract it, and click the .exe file.

Update Log

28/3/17 - First beta update: Bugs - crushed, Crashes - no more, Fun - yes more.

Release date Mar 27, 2017
Tagsartistic, blacksmith, Crafting, fire, forge, minigames, Non violent, smithing
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
AccessibilityColor-blind friendly, One button, Textless


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Hi guys! I see a lot of comments were added since MY last post :) 

The think is You must have edges at "perfect stright yellow lines" and the center of the edge must stay dark-red colored. For example that second (or third???) one side edge should be stright lines in the upper part and you can even leave bottom part complettly messed up (but must be red colored) no need for edge hitting. Imagine the sword edge now:

-------------------------\                                  -upper part

                                                -                               - edge

|_|_\\-_|\\-_|\__\\\__|=\                                  - You can leave bottom as is( don't even touch it)

It is simple but missleading in my opinion.

In the case of first edge - missleading thing is that freaki'n stright line You can create along in the center of the edge - don't do that. it is completly (useless???) Instead just leave the center or do something like that:

--------------------------------\                             -YELLOW

||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||             -                        -RED

--------------------------------/                             -YELLOW

Hope that helps :)

For everyone that decides to download and play this game (which i have zero idea why you would), ill give you what i have learned. for starters W,A,S,D controls where your "hand" or what you care to call it moves, Q and E are used differently between each station (i do not know what they do at the ore picker or the mold selection that is for you to find out), during you hammering out your new blade or throw-able weapon Q is used to mold it and actually make it take its shape which can sometimes cause the hot metal to crack, this is where E helps. E is used as a "soft hit" so to say and brings the metal slowly back from after you hit it so much with Q, this means it can correct accidental cracks you made hitting it a little too hard. when you are done, simply move the hammer over to the right of the anvil and press Q, this is where the blade will be cooled and will show you where you have hit things too hard or left them too soft(i couldn't tell the difference myself so that is also left for you to find out). This is where i believe the game is most flawed, if you have the slightest too soft or slightest crack in the blade, it will make you try and repair it over, and over again to no avail if it is just the smallest part cracked or too soft. In the very end the game is decently made but for sure needs some modifications i hope anyone that downloads it sees this and gets more enjoyment out of it then previous down-loaders. now get making blades blacksmith!

It's a shame that we can't use the mouse to play, also, an actual tutorial would be nice.

Otherwise it's a damn nice game.


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F.I.N.A.L.Y !!! I don't need help anymore! Now I know everything!

If someone will be playing this game and will have same problems as I - I will be glad to help!!!

How do i make things? i hit them right but nothing happends (no progress)



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Ok, besides I am talking to myself here I've managed to create my first sword! But now, what's next? How to get another materials and how to choose different types of weapons? I've forged 5 swords and cannot see  any  progres further... How to unlock the rest?

Anyone here???!!!

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I really like slow paced games which require a lot of patience but I must give up now... Don't have a clue how to make that blade...

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Outstanding game, but with one big flaw - without proper instructions I can't do much...

I don't even know how exactly the blade must look like at the end. dark-brown or bright-brown? Need HELP!